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Semicured manchego cheese – wedge (250 grs)


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Artisan Manchego Cheese with Protected Designation of Origin. Made from raw Manchegan sheep’s milk and matured for 3 to 4 months in our farm in Tembleque. Pressed paste cheese, with marks on the rind of the flower and pleita.



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    Aged Manchego cheese is one of Artequesos’ star products, made from Manchego sheep’s milk and aged for a minimum of 12 months in natural cellars. Each 250 gram wedge of this cheese is characterized by its intense and pleasant flavor, with a spicy touch and a unique aroma.

    Aged Manchego cheese is a mature, hard cheese, with a firm and compact texture that melts in the mouth easily. This cheese is perfect to enjoy on any occasion, alone or with other foods such as nuts or jams. In addition, its intense flavor makes it an ideal ingredient for main dishes or to give a special touch to salads and starters.

    Artequesos makes aged Manchego cheese with a careful selection of Manchego sheep’s milk, guaranteeing a high quality product with the characteristic flavor and aroma of Manchego cheeses. This cheese is perfect for lovers of intense flavors and traditional cheese making.

    In summary, Artequesos aged Manchego cheese – wedge (250 grs) is a high quality cheese with an intense flavor, made from Manchego sheep’s milk and aged for a minimum of 12 months in natural cellars. Perfect to be enjoyed alone or with other foods, this cheese is a gourmet product that cannot be missing on the table of those who love good cheese.

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