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Alhacena Spain

We bring to your palate the delights of Spanish gastronomy in Luxembourg.

Discover a selection of artisanal gourmet products made by masters backed by years of history, using quality raw materials and sustainable production techniques.

We wish to unite small local producers that offer gourmet products of proximity and artisan elaborations, to satisfy the most demanding palates and passionate about Spanish gastronomy.

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Explore the essence of Spanish gastronomy!

Our gourmet products are capable of provoking an explosion of sensations in your palate, taking you back to your childhood, evoking summers in the village or reliving that trip where you ate that cheese that melted in your mouth with a texture and flavor like no other. Discover the essence of Spanish gastronomy in Alhacena, where you will find high quality gourmet products with exquisite flavors and culinary delights that will satisfy your palate.

At Alhacena, we are passionate about Spanish gastronomy and we strive to offer the best gourmet products to our customers in Luxembourg. Come visit us and discover for yourself the quality of our products. We assure you that every bite will be a unique experience.

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We work with leading national distributors

From the heart of Spain to your table, we work with passion to bring you a unique culinary experience. Discover our carefully chosen selection and enjoy the authentic essence of our country.

Make every meal an unforgettable journey with us!

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Immerse yourself in the authentic Spanish culinary essence through our gourmet supermarket.

Discover the unique flavors of each region of Spain in a gastronomic journey that will transport you directly to our country. From Iberian ham to Andalusian olives, our carefully selected products will make you feel at home.

Will you join this gastronomic adventure to take a little piece of Spain with you?"

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Customer Service

100% Personalized attention to guarantee your satisfaction.

Quality and care

Selected high quality Spanish gourmet products.

Artisanal and sustainable production

Selection of small local producers with limited elaborations.


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